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Hands on Introduction to LabVIEW for Scientists and Engineers by John Essick (Oxford University Press)

The fully computerized Central Library of Sardar Patel College of Engineering is a treasure house of knowledge comprises ever growing collection of around 45,000 books; more than 400 e-books(McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Proquest) and 3,500 bound volumes of journals both national and international subscribed by the college over the years. The library has good collection of CBT(Computer Based Tutorials) and video lectures from eminent personalities of various IIT’s and these are made available to our users on Intranet through Network - Attached CD-ROM Server. Library also has developed collection of Dissertations, submitted by post graduate students (ME & PhD) of this Institution. These design oriented and case study thesis are kept for reference for the next generation in both form print and e-version. E-version of the same is mad available through digital library. All these valuable resources are well organized in the 6000 Sq. Ft. area, where more than 150 users can sit at a time and they are monitored by CC TV Cameras.

Library provides computer terminals facilities to students for Internet, Photocopying, Scanning services, Journal Indexing, Reference service and Documentation service such as CAS and SDI service.

Journal Section of Central Library has subscription of 18 Foreign & 31 Indian Journals. Some important articles of these journals are indexed with the help of SLIM Software. To aid these print versions of journals, library also has subscribed following online journals through INDEST - AICTE consortium with the financial support from the AICTE.

1) IEL      2) ASCE      3) ASME      

Library is also subscribing following e-journals and e-resources mandated by AICTE.

i) Science Direct
ii) Tata McGraw-Hill
iii) ASTM Digital Library
iv) McGraw-Hill

To fulfill the ever growing information thirst of our students and staff, Central library has taken Institutional membership of following libraries/Institutions. Users can refer these libraries or borrow the books on Inter Library Loan basis.

  IIT, Bombay

  INSDAG (Institution for Steel Development & Growth)

Stock and services of the library are aimed to meet Under Graduate, Post Graduate & Research level study. Membership is open to all students and staff of SPCE on all working days from 9.30am to 8.30pm.


Some of the important Services provided by the Central Library of SPCE are:

Some of the important Services provided by the Central Library of SPCE are:

1. Online Library Catalogue (Web OPAC)

2. Reference and Information Service

3. Book Bank Service

4. Internet Access

5. Article Indexing of Research Journals

6. Circulation

7. Inter Library Loan

8. Membership

9. Photo Copying

10. Wi-Fi Network

11. Cyber Library

12. NPTEL Video

13. Institutional Repository (Digital Library)

Objectives of the Library

  To procure, process and disseminate the information to all the users of the library.

  To help students and staff in their curriculum activities.

  To help the students in obtaining knowledge for their better future.

  To save the valuable time of all the users