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   Department of Mechanical Engineering


About Us

Mechanical Engineering department of Sardar Patel College of Engineering came into existence in 1962, being one of the oldest government aided academic institutions in Mumbai has been succeeded in catering to the cause of Technical Education.

The institution has been evolved as centre of excellence in offering impeccable, market savvy graduates to emerge as total solution providers. This is made possible by proactive, techno savvy and committed department leadership. There is a concerted effort to raise the “aspirational reference point” of the pupils undergoing graduate program in engineering by subjecting them to continuous value addition. In addition to class room teaching learning processes students are guided and encouraged to be familiar with emerging technology in the realm of database management, computer engineering, electronic controls, communication and networking.

We feel proud to inform that our alumni are at top executive positions at various enterprises such as Infosys, Wipro, L&T, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, NASA and innumerable software, manufacturing & service organizations.

Apart from the excellent technical staff with doctoral degrees in various fields and our excellent infrastructure, the main reason for the excellent performance of our students is the extensive mathematical treatment of the subjects and the enormous rigor involved in teaching, learning and evaluation procedures. With frequent industrial visits our students are given fair opportunities to make up their mind for future career options, Students are also given exposure to cutting edge technologies through organizations such as ASHRAE, ISHRAE, MESA, MCOM, SAE and IIME. With programming and applications being part of the curriculum of mechanical engineering, our students are excelling in the process of conversion of problem to logic and positioning themselves as graduates with domain expertise, proficiency in computer oriented techniques and programming abilities to emerge as world class consultancy service providers and software developers in the realm of Mechanical Engineering in general and Industrial Engineering in particular. They can be easily converted into Intellectual Capital of an organization rather than acting as a normal employee. This is because of the academic leadership of the department taking keen interest in inculcating an attitude and temperament for practicing ethics and preparing them for being part of collective efforts for nation building.