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In today’s fast changing scenario and competitive environment an individual can exist effectively only by continuous adaptation to change – personal, professional, and social.

With this need to adapt comes a host of personality related problems: stress, frustration, anxiety, depression and burn out. If performance is to be kept constant or improved, an individual needs a support to evaluate, understand, explore and help in course of action.

I strongly believe that a MENTOR is a facilitator who helps an individual to cope up with his/her situation in HERE and NOW, to HELP the individual to HELP themselves.

Having had a fairly good experience as Teacher, a Research Scientist, a Development Quality Control Manager and presently attached to Mumbai university colleges as an in-house counsellor in to help students to cope up with their personal and professional problems. I am equipped with the right perspective and attitude to train and motivate personnel to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Qualified with a Dipl ma oin Psychological Counselling, training in CARCUFF MODEL in PERSONAL COUNSELLING from St. Xavier’s Institute of Counselling, a Recognition from Wockhardt–Harward Medical School HIV/AIDS Education and Research Foundation as a primary Care Giver (Counsellor)

Dr. Ambrish Bhatt is available in the college on Mondays from 12 pm to 3 pm & Thursdays by appointment.

Contact no.: 9820323060

Email : drakbhatt@gmail.com