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The Sardar Patel Robotics Club (SPRC) was formed by the SPCE Robocon 'Team AADYA' in August 2011, with a view of increasing awareness and enthusiasm among the students in the field of robotics. It is a knowledge sharing community where knowledge about Robotics related subjects will be shared and mutual learning will take place.

About Us

The ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest, known as ABU Robocon, is an annual handmade robot contest to develop knowledge, creativity and innovation among younger people and is participated by students from leading universities throughout the world.

The ABU Robocon, was launched in Tokyo, Japan in 2002 after which member countries took turn to host the international event.Doordarshan-MAE organizes the National Robocon in Pune, whereas the International Robocon Meet this year (2012) is in Hong Kong.


Team ‘AADYA’ (Sanskrit word for Original), as the name suggests, has Originality at its core. We debuted in 2011 in Robocon and were placed 20th amongst the competing colleges in India. Built 1 Manual and 2 Auto bots which was a major learning experience where our efforts were lauded by the judging panel for performing well as a rookie team. With this encouragement we plan to make it Bigger and Better this time.


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Working of the Club

  A number of diverse workshops each semester.
  Industrial visits.
  Guidance to members in all robotics related topics and help from SPRC in locating and participating in various robotic competitions.
  Screening of various documentaries related to robotics.
  Holding events for demonstration of robots made by the Robocon team.
  Publish and distribute to members and faculty a yearly magazine which will comprise of yearly reports of SPRC and the Robocon team, various technical articles submitted by the club members, and developments and latest findings in the field of Robotics, and many more other events.

The first event of SPRC, Wired and Wireless Robotics was held on 17th and 18th of September and was attended by a total of 39 students from various branches, in which the students learned about Level 1 and 2 of Robotics. With the tremendous and overwhelming response, a second workshop on designing and making robotic clamps, involving implementing different production processes, will be held on 8th October.

1 DIVYA SHAH TEAM LEADER TE-MECH divyashah.2801@gmail.com
2 SHISHIR SHAH MANUAL OP. TE-MECH shahshishir53@yahoo.in
3 PINANK NAGDA AUTO OP. BE-ELECT pinanknagda@gmail.com
4 TANVY LIMAYE PIT CREW BE-MECH tanvylimaye@yahoo.co.in
5 DHRUVIN GOSAR PIT CREW TE-ELECT dhruvin.gosar@gmail.com
7 MAYANK JAGGI MEMBER TE-ELECT mayankjaggs93@gmail.com
8 MEET VAIDYA MEMBER TE-MECH mitulvaidya@gmail.com
9 KAHAAN SHAH MEMBER TE-MECH shahkahaan@gmail.com
10 RISHABH KAMAT MEMBER TE-MECH kamat.shibi@gmail.com
11 DIVYA SUSEEL MEMBER TE-MECH divya_5000@hotmail.com
12 ALOMA D'SOUZA MEMBER TE-MECH aloma_dstar@yahoo.com
13 DEVANSH GORADIA MEMBER TE-ELECT devansh222@gmail.com
14 VATSAL MUCHHALA MEMBER SE-ELECT vatsal.muchhala1995@live.com
15 RAHUL KAMATH MEMBER SE-ELECT rahul.kamath099@gmail.com
16 NIMESH GOHIL MEMBER SE-ELECT nimesh3.ng@gmail.com
17 VAIBHAV BHOSALE MEMBER SE-ELECT vaibhav9428@gmail.com
18 PRATIK HIRANI MEMBER SE-ELECT pratikhirani50@gmail.com
19 AJINKYA GORDE MEMBER SE-ELECT shreeapg@gmail.com
20 VIVEK PATIL MEMBER SE-ELECT vivekpatil.1181@gmail.com
21 KUSHAL PATEL MEMBER SE-MECH kvinpatel@gmail.com
22 GAURAV ANASANE MEMBER SE-MECH anasane.gaurav94@gmail.com
23 RUTVIK KOLHE MEMBER SE-MECH rutvik.kolhe@gmail.com
24 EKTA NARVEKAR MEMBER SE-MECH see_ekta@yahoo.co.in
25 MITTAL MEWADA MEMBER SE-MECH mittal.mewada@yahoo.in
26 PRACHITI GHAG MEMBER SE-MECH prachitighag@gmail.com
27 GANESH SHETE MEMBER SE-MECH gameshsanjayshete@gmail.com
28 NEHA SHAH MEMBER SE-MECH thenehashah@gmail.com