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   SPACE Annual Festival


SPACE 2014

SPACE  is the annual cultural festival of SPCE-SPIT and generally spread over for 3 days. Currently in its 31st year, SPACE has always been synonymous with Youth. It is one of the oldest and most attended festivals among technical institute in Maharashtra. Over 100 colleges all across country are expected to participate in this 3 day long extravaganza. Right from events related to literary arts, performing arts, informal, adventurous sports, special events to workshops-SPACE has it all! And known for its power packed performances, mind boggling events, exuberant crowd, and grand scale prizes and cut throat competition. It keeps you craving for more and that’s what the power of SPACE is, every wave that splashes you with its aura leaves you gasping for more.

Theme SPACE, 2014

The Devils' Carnival, as the name suggests, will depict the weird, wachy and mysterious side of life.For everyone that enjoys the strange and the bizarre, SPACE 2014 will fulfil all of your wildest dreams. Lovers of horror, science fiction, fantacy and supernatural can now come together and enjoy every facet of the truly bizarre. The events at SPACE 2014 will be in keeping with the various aspects of this theme. Dances, drama, street plays and events will be full of action, suspence and thrill - everything taht you could ever expect. Vibrant, fun and fabulous - watch out for the most unusful festival ever.

So here's inviting everyone across this great planet to come together for three days and indulge in a fully immersive cornucopia of all things out-of the world and crazy.

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  1. The Death Race (Amazing Race)
  2. Mumbai's Got Talent
  3. SP Roadies
  4. Dare Devil
  5. SP Villa
  6. Sumo Mania
  7. Rink Football
  8. Laser Tag
  9. Minute to Win it
  10. Lan Gaming
  11. Box Cricket
  12. Visual Imapact
  13. High Octane
  14. Prom Night
  15. Street Play
  16. Street Dance
  17. Debate
  18. MUN
  19. JAM
  20. Volleyball
  21. Workshops