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Society of Automotive engineers




Society of Automotive engineers (SAE) is an international association of automobile and aerospace engineers who has its functional units in over 30 countries all over the world. SAEINDIA is an affiliate society of SAE International registered in India as an Indian nonprofit engineering and scientific society dedicated to the advancement of mobility industry in India. SAEINDIA has its active college clubs in over 250 colleges in India and SAE SPCE is one of them.

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The formation of the club was a gateway for the students of SPCE to enter the world of motor sports and commercial vehicles. ‘Team Ambrosius’, the racing team of SPCE made its debut in SAE Baja competition organized by SAEINDIA in year 2010. The competition requires the undergraduate engineering students to design, analyze and fabricate an all terrain vehicle which competes with over 100 colleges in all over India in various static and dynamic events.

The students of the team design the vehicle applying the academic knowledge which they gain in college class rooms and with the aid of various designing softwares like CATIA, Pro-E, Ansys, MSC Adams, Lotus, Car sim etc. The various designed components are then manufactured by students themselves with different processes like Casting, Turning, Welding, Grinding, Gas cutting, Milling, Drilling, Shaping etc. This provides students with the practical experience of different fields in mechanical , production and automobile engineering.

In the debut itself, ‘Team Ambrosius’ won a prize of technology innovation for the car’s vary peculiar and creative rear axle design. Since then, the college racing team has been participating in SAE Baja with a new and better car each year and achieving great success.

In year 2011, ‘Team Ambrosius’ was rechristened as ‘SPCE Racing’. Not just stopping on an ATV, the college team in the same year participated in SUPRA SAEINDIA, a formula car making competition also organized by SAEINDIA. Proving its excellence again, ‘SPCE Racing’ won the ‘Overall third rank’ from 50 colleges which competed in this competition. The Powerful 3-cylinder engine, High top speed and its beautiful body panels were some of the salient features of the college car.

The SAE SPCE is now looking forward to make its debut in SAENIS Efficycle, ‘A tricycle building competition’ in the coming year at the same time continuing its winning trend in SAE Baja and SUPRA SAEINDIA competition.

College Activities

Apart from SAE Baja and SUPRA competition, on a college level, SAE SPCE organizes different workshops on Automobile, Software training, Automation and robotics, Aerospace etc.


Registration ID : 93444

Team Name Institute Team Members Faculty Advisor Team Captain SAE Collegiate Club A/c
SPCE Racing Sardar Patel College of Engineering 24 Dattatray N Jadhav Jaykishan Dakshesh Choksi SAE INDIA SPCE COLLEGIATE CLUB 812773864


Sr.No. Name Engg. Branch SAE Membership ID Email ID Photograph
1 Jaykishan Choksi Mechanical A/F choksijaykishan@gmail.com
2 Priyank Gajiwala Mechanical A/F priyankgajiwala@gmail.com
3 Dhruv Phadke Mechanical A/F dhruvphadke@gmail.com
4 Pratik Baldota Mechanical A/F pratikbaldota@yahoo.com
5 Sagar Dalvi Mechanical A/F sagardalvi52@gmail.com
6 Mukund Lahoti Mechanical A/F lahotima145@rediffmail.com
7 Siddhanth Shah Mechanical A/F siddhanthsdose@gmail.com
8 Nikhil Kotasthane Mechanical A/F nick_crustydemon@yahoo.co.in
9 Akshay Jain Mechanical A/F akkiii95@yahoo.in
10 Omkar Deshpande Mechanical A/F omkar.s.deshpande@gmail.com
11 Aniket Ghatvisave Mechanical A/F aniketdg91@gmail.com
12 Vishal Shah Mechanical A/F vishal097@gmail.com
13 Anil Pandey Mechanical A/F anideep19@gmail.com
14 Swapnil More Mechanical A/F swaz.more@gmail.com
15 Chirag Rao Mechanical A/F rao.chirag66@gmail.com
16 Jovin D'sa Mechanical A/F jovindsa@hotmail.com
17 Jaykumar Patel Mechanical A/F pateljd1993@gmail.com
18 Pratik Shirwaikar Mechanical A/F pratik2310@yahoo.co.in
19 Visaj Desai Mechanical A/F visajdesai@hotmail.com
20 Ajinkya Karpe Mechanical A/F ajinkyakarpe97@gmail.com
21 Amey Deshpande Mechanical A/F shaggy1125@gmail.com
22 Akilkhan Pathan Mechanical A/F akilkhan.pathan07@gmail.com
23 Umang Bohra Mechanical A/F uvbohra@gmail.com
24 Shashikant Chaurasia Mechanical A/F shashi.chaurasia29@yahoo.com