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Speakers Club



President : Siddharth Mahendra Nishar (2011-2014)

Description : The club was started to address the critical road-block to harnessing our country's rich demographic dividend. Surveys have repeatedly pointed towards the unemployability of over three-fourth of our nation's 1.5 million engineering graduates every year due to an unfortunate lack of communication and soft-skills among others. That our engineers are some of the brightest in the world is an incontrovertible fact. However, in an increasingly connected global village, the ability to share information effectively goes a long way in ensuring personal and professional success.

Activities : The club's sessions are comprise of various activities that cater to the needs of the students. The focus is on developing English proficiency, the ability to structure ideas and thoughts effectively as well as knowing how to present and articulate them for maximum effect as the situation demands. A variety of activities are therefore conducted twice a week including Mock Interviews, Group Discussion, Elocution, Extempore, Debate, 'Dynamic Debate' (an original spin-off on the classical format), 'Six Thinking Hats', and other such relevant language activities.


Theme : "Technology - Walking The Thin Line"
Information Age is the end product of the enormous progress mankind has made in the last 200 years. From human cloning to hyper-connectivity, from information explosion to the data-brokering, from social media to government surveillance, there is barely a dimension that is not touched by technology as we move towards an unknown future. While there was a time when knowledge was difficult to obtain, today’s problem is mining it from terabytes of data collected from umpteen sources. It is due to this prevalence and pervasion of technology that the question of drawing the line becomes relevant. Discoveries and inventions, the agents of joy, show no loyalty and can just as easily be driven to spell chaos and destruction. The fabric of our society is for the first time as vulnerable as it is today to the unpredictably rapid advances in technology.

It is this paradox that keeps growing in urgency and must be resolved. It is this Herculean task that faces the legislators of today and challenges our perceptions of what is right and what is wrong. It is this core conflict that underlines every issue, every situation and forces us to ask: Where do we draw the line?

Description : Sixteen colleges from all over Mumbai participated in the first ever competition conducted by the college with Rs. 23,000 up for grabs in prizes and awards. The event was conducted on 4th and 5th October, 2013 in Sardar Patel College of Engineering.

Organizing Committee :

Siddharth Nishar (Head Organizer)
Mansi Modi (Marketing & Organizing)
Shreyans Upadhye (Marketing & Organizing)
Shreyal Shah (Hospitality)
Divya Suseel (Host & Hospitality)
Saif Sayed (Host & Publicity)
Rishabh Kamat (Publicity)
Namra Patel (Moderator)
Neha Pawar (Moderator)
Mallika Eapen (Cultural Secretary)
Sneha Kawade(Coordinator)
Sameer Meshram (Coordinator)
Kanchan Joshi(Coordinator)
Taikhum Vahanvaty(Coordinator)
Alok Singh (Coordinator)
Tejas Kopte (Coordinator)
Ashwini Suryavanshi (Coordinator)
Yash Kacchara (Coordinator)
Tejas Khedekar(Coordinator)
Aditya Bhatambekar (Coordinator)
Aloma D'souza (Volunteer)
Shalaka Malu (Volunteer)